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tv   News  ABC  December 27, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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if you thought that yesterday was it? you are in for another round of ugly weather. here's mols mike masco. -- meteorologist mike masco. >> you ready over the weekend? >> yeah. >> how about a foot of snow? no i'm kidding. do not quote me on that. >> he gave a number. >> 41 in town right now. it's a chilly morning across the area. joppa good morning to you, 37. 35 bel air and elkton up to cecil county. a wind advisory is in effect because winds could certainly gust to around 40 miles per hour today. right now winds between 10 to 15 and 20 in easton. that's the sustained winds coupled we have a wind gust of 32 in easton. feeling like it's 29 at bwi. and frederick, feeling like a chilly 22 degrees. so the bottom line is? a raw ride this morning. with those gusty winds. the winds will actually increase during the course of day today with the wind advisory. and yes, a weekend storm potential growing. we're going to show you two
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tracks scenarios how both could play out and how both are -- or how much snow both can bring us. that's coming up just a little bit. over to lauren cook with a check of traffic this morning. speed restrictions correct? we have a wind warning in effect right now for the bay bridge. so definitely use caution traveling across any of the bridges or overpasses this morning. they're pretty icy out there. and we have a crash to tell you about in dundalk. it's right on 695 it's blocking one outer loop lane right now. right near eastern avenue. and as we check in and take a live hook here, you can see the accident scene. so definitely watch out for this. the roads are still doing to be pretty wet this morning. due to this morning's rainfall as well. so take it slow this morning. right now if you are traveling on west side of the beltway here's liberty road. just eight minutes right now on the outer loop from 795 down to 70. and as we take a look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times, the jfx nice and clear. no delays whatsoever heading downtown. it's going to take you the normal 11 minutes from the
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beltway all the way down to fayette street. if you are heading to bwi airport 95 also going to be free of delays. if you are traveling from elkridge all the way into the city it's going to take you 12 minutes. that's a look at your traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. getting home from the christmas holiday has been no easy task all thanks to the weather. by air winter storms have caused a number of delays and cancellations. and at least 1500 flights were canceled on wednesday. and so far, close to 200 have been called off today. but by road, that was certainly no easier. abc's brandi hitt has that story. >> reporter: a deadly winter storm has dropped massive amounts of snow from arkansas up through the midwest to illinois and indiana. the powerful system is now a nor'easter with strong winds and even more snow. >> we tried the get out of the parking spot and we're spinning in circles. >> reporter: the storms also spawned rare december tornadoes along the gulf coast. mobile, alabama was hard hit leaving many without power. >> the power went out and we could hear it coming and we ran and jumped into the bathtub.
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>> reporter: the storms also having a devastating effect on postholiday travel. people trytology find their way home are finding canceled flights and treacherous driving conditions. >> we were trying to get home or plan b., we go spend more time with the grandkids here. >> reporter: up to a foot and a half of snow is expected in northern new england with snow expected to fall throughout friday morning. the storm also brought with it freezing rain and sleet making driving treacherous. >> as you can see stay out of it. stay you have it. >> reporter: they are making the best of it getting out and enjoying the snow. brandi hitt, abc news, new york. news too many right now 6:33. a fight in a mall in sacramento sent shopper running. take a look hat this because customers heard loud sounds and they thought it was gunshots. officials at the mall found no evidence of a shooting. the director of mall security says 20 people were involved in the fight. four were arrested. many stores went into lockdown closing up the metal gates when the fight started when the mall reopened a few hours later.
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more than 260,000 people want a kansas based church known for its pinks to be labeled a hate group. as of wednesday, 253,000 people signed an online petition on the white house website asking the obama administration to recognize the westboro baptist church as a heat group. the signatures makes it the most supported single petition ever on the white house site. the church is primarily made up of members from one family. parking is about to get a lot more expensive in one u.s. city. >> yeah, you're going to find out where it's going to cost you much more to cost for just one hour of parking in 2013. >> all right also ahead this morning, we have heard it before. be careful what you post online because it could come back to haunt you. and now one local college wants to make sure that their students have tasteful online profiles. we're going to tell you what they're doing to help their graduates get ready. >> and good morning, aisle mike masco. this is the abc2 app and again you can get this on the itunes
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store and the google play store. we have storm shield also and our interactive radar on this is showing a snowstorm possibly by the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up after this.
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6:38. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. toyota has settled with car owners over unintended acceleration in 2009 and 2010. the automaker has agreed to pay more than a billion dollars to install new safety features to compensate owners. drivers sued the company because floor mats were getting stuck. under the agreement toyota will install a brake override system and the company will also set up a fund of $250 million to compensate former toyota owners who sold their cars at reduced value because of all the negative publicity. $2 an hour is a deal
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compared to chicago what's about to happen there for parking. beginning new year's day the windy city will begin charging -- ahem. $6.50 to park for one hour. that rate change will make chicago the costliest city in the u.s. for metered parking. right now the parking is at $5.75 i guess they consider that a deal. >> save the quart effort right? >> no i need it. keg stand pictures not going to get you a job. now some colleges including johns hopkins are now helping students. before graduating they're offering a program called brand yourself. it allows students to choose what employers see when they google search their names. your resume and your credentials will appear, this is also a useful tool for people with common names. john smith, jane doe. also allows tow stand out and not -- you to stand out and not let a potential employer confuse you with someone else. >> it's great advice because
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people never think the pictures are going to come back to haunt them. >> they always do. winter has arrived and with that comes wind. rain, snow. sleet and ice. >> the fun continues. that also means the commute gets a little bit longer. we're going to have what the state highway officials are going over the next few days to help keep the roads safer for you. >> also this morning some pretty wild video of a tornado touching down in alabama. tearing through one store's parking lot. >> and a little more than an hour maryland live casino at arundel mills will be making history. i'm linda so, why they will never have to lock their doors ever again. >> just still hanging out in the casino. there you go. all right take a look storm number one out of here. how about a weekend storm that can deliver snow? i'm meteorologist mike masco. >> mike,'sy conditions aross -- icy conditions across the region. details on another crash on 695 coming up on "good morning maryland w=!n
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thursday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle, this is the
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abc2 news to go. >> and i'm charlie crowson, meteorologist mike masco. mike what are you cooking up for the weekend? >> let's start with the wind -- that will be ongoing today. notice here's the stats from the airport. 13-mile-per-hour sustained wind right now. 37 degrees feeling like the 20s right now. northern and western suburbs, 33, manchester 37. into joppa and right now baltimore city sits at 41 degrees. by the way with the winds and higher than normal tides we have a coastal flood advisory fort deposit later this morning. annapolis you're dealing with a high tide at the present moment. wind advisory goes into effect today with the winds that could gust to near 40 miles per hour and right now, sustained winds out of the northwesterly direction between 15 to 20. with a gust last hour at the airport at 26. your hour by hour forecast lots of clouds today. it's a chilly day. 37 at lunchtime goes to 39 degrees. and we'll flirt with 40 for the afternoon high. here's the storm over the rockies right now. tomorrow is okay and saturday is different story. we're going to talk more about
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this in the track scenarios coming up in just a little bit. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. over in the traffic center. good morning mike. we are dealing with heavy winds this morning. there are wind restrictions in ifect right now for the bay bridge. use caution. several accidents as well. we have trouble on 95 where there's a crash right along the northbound lanes near dundalk avenue. and also on 695, we are dealing with a crash right now in dundalk as we check in and take a live look here at the avenue. it's blocking the outer loop shoulder right now. the roads will be icy out there this morning especially on bridges and overpasses, it's important for you the take it slow and -- to take it slow and here's a live look in hunt valerie. 83 at is a ran road. it will be clear heading downtown. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. the state highway administration is now asking those of you who plan on hitting the road early today maybe give it a little longer. >> they want to be able to properly treat the roads so you're not slipping on the way to work and sliding all over the place. crews were out yesterday. they were hitting the roads
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with salt. they say this is the perfect temperature to treat with salt because different chemicals must be used when it gets colder. they can determine how to treat the roads thanks to new special technology. state highway officials say that drivers should believe prepared for hitting the roads. make sure you charge your cell known and keep a flashlight in the car and a shovel some kitty litter, salt just in case you get stuck. cautiously optimistic. that's what doctors are saying about the treatment of former president bush. right now he is in intensive care at a houston hospital. he was admitted sunday for persistent fever and that fever is what kept president bush in the hospital over christmas. doctors put him on a liquids only diet. they have five days to come up with an agreement and the clock is ticking. the president and the u.s. congress are back now in the nation's capitol. but a that doesn't mean they're any closer to a deal avoiding the fiscal cliff. congressional officials say they have no significant strides toward a compromise from the long christmas break. and they had no negotiations or
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meetings set right now. without an agreement, automatic tax increases for everyone and deep spending cuts will be trig everyday in the new year. -- triggered in the new year. the main dispute continues over who gets taxed and exactly how much they will be taxed. ? less than two hours you can gamble around the clock. maryland live casino is now getting ready to open the doors and they will never close once that happens. own 24/7 and abc2 news linda so is live this morning at the casino and linda, are you playing yet? >> reporter: no, not yet. you said it yourself. it all happens at 8:00. you know it's never going to look this quiet again. because when they open those doors this morning at 8:00, this place as you said will be open every day of the week, 24 hours a day. this is the first casino in maryland to do so to tell us more about it this morning the general manager here rob norton. thank you for joining us. exciting day for you. >> yeah, exciting another step. >> reporter: so what is this mean for the casino? will the restaurants --
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everything be open 24 hours? >> we'll have food offering up to 24 hours, one of the restaurants will remain open all night. some of the others will remain on the same hours we expect about a 500 crowds that we currently kick out every night will now have a place to continue their entertainment experience. >> reporter: we were talking about this earlier but a lot of people don't know that you do have live entertainment here besides the casino obviously. >> yeah live is our name and live entertain system part of the brand. so -- entertainment is part of the brand. so every night we have live entertainment. to the big names that you'll find out there. we have an invitation only for joan jett coming up on the 30th and brian mcknight for valentine's day to throw out a couple of examples. >> reporter: let's talk about table games. a lot of people are curious about when they're actually going to be put in place and what will -- what the change will be. >> well we're going to start the process. it's going to take us about three months and it will be austrian session where we have to actually re-- a transition where we actually have to reorganize the casino. directly behind me from here all the way through the casino
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and add about 120 las vegas style table games. that includes blackjacks, craps, roulette. so on and so forth. just shortly after that we'll be adding about a 35 to 40 table poker room to our mix. >> reporter: wonderful. and now that you guys are going nonstop opening 24 hours, this means more jobs, 1200 new jobs created. >> we are still hiring. so we'll be hiring all the way through probably until about march to fill that need. >> reporter: okay real quickly, where can they go to find more information on that? >> the jobs you can find at >> reporter: wonderful. thank you so much. rob norton joining thus morning. of course -- us this morning. of course we'll be here at 8:00 this morning when they do open the doors. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. every day of the year maryland live casino will be open. linda so, abc2 news. also starting on january 1st, same sex marriage is legal in our state. and that does not it is well with an annapolis business and they are no longer offering wedding services. discover annapolis tours offered trolleys for weddings
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and no longer going to do that. it's going to cost them about $50,000 in revenue. right now if you click on the wedding section of their website it reads sorry but we are no longer taking reservations for wedding transportation. we are preparing a full explanation to be posted by the first of the ewer. discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is illegal in public accommodations in maryland. five things to know on this thursday morning. treasury secretary tim geithner says tomorrow he'll begin talking about the steps to delay hitting the government's borrowing limit. that's also coming up. you got the $16 trillion limit on the december 31st. he'll use accounting measures to save. >> and antiapartheid icon nelson mandela was discharged from the hospital. he'll continue treatment at home. he was hospitalized for a lung infection. >> starbucks is getting into the fight over the fiscal
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cliff. they're now asking workers in all d.c. area stores to write the quote "come together" on the coffee cups they serve today and tomorrow. that company's ceo says it's the company's way of telling politicians they need to find common ground. >> hollywood has seen the number of movie tickets sold go up for the first time in three years. the industry rebounds ad there year -- rebounded this year. >> five days until the new year and they're getting ready for the countdown in times square. installation begins today for the crystal ball in the square. that ball is covered by 2700 waterford crystals and megan you said these have some significance. >> absolutely. dozens are going -- doves are going to be engraved on them. >> very cool with that. the baltimore ravens, they're going to be well represented for the pro bowl in hawaii. the ravens are going to send six players being rice, yanda, leach, ngata, reed and jacoby jones. only three other teams in the
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league are sending more players to the pro bowl and when you see that list of teams, san francisco, houston and new england, yeah they're all pretty good too. well ray lewis is officially back on the active roster for baltimore. no need to get excited just yet. that doesn't mean you will see him play sunday against the bengals. move is really more procedural and it makes lewis eligible to play in the postseason. the ravens already clinched the afc's northern division title. and this morning they are still cleaning up from a tornado that hit back on christmas day. >> it hit mobile, alabama and the whole thing caught on camera. pretty incredible from a walgreens store and it shows the twister from two different angles. you can see sparks from the power lines and transformers and the twister moves two vehicles arnold. themes were back to normal on wednesday at the store except the doors were still boarded up. >> i've never been in a war zone. but i'm sure this is what it looks like. there's a bunch of tin and all the stuff over the buildings right here in the parking lot.
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this were totes and things left in the tree, just broken glass everywhere. >> in total that twister was six miles long and 200 yards wide. that's a big one. >> that was a big un. all right time now for the weather and here's meteorologist mike masco. what's today? >> the wind, today the wind may be some snow over the weekend and we'll talk about that in a moment. 41 in the city and outside of the beltway, timonium at 36 and bel air good morning to you at 35 degrees. close to 40-degrees and that's where we shall stay today. it's a strong northwesterly wind to start your morning out. 15 to 20 gusting last hour at 26 at the airport. look at easton gusting at last hour at 23 third quarter 2. certainly -- 32. certainly some gusty winds. for that reason the high wind advisory has been placed into effect for the entire area. so on maryland's most powerful radar, it's still showing this is our satellite imagery. the storm big storm system and this will move into the canadian maritimes. in its wake it's going to funnel in pretty chilly air on the backside. notice the swirl out over the
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midwest and back down towards the rockies. this is a storm that will actually drop into the gulf coast states and will produce yet another storm. this will be somewhere off the carolina coastline by friday night. moving towards the north by saturday morning. if it say stakes this track, this track one scenario. heavy rain for the baltimore area and that could bring a mod rad accumulating snow to the region. however there are some guidance that says it's going to be a little bit further to the south. that would still bring all snow to the area but the further south and east track would bring minor accumulations. in the order of 1 to 3. so we'll fine tune this through the course of tonight going into tomorrow. again a lot of clouds this afternoon. two degree guarantee brings us to around 39. with those gusty winds. your seven day forecast not a bad looking day for friday. 40 degrees with a blend of sunshine and clouds. on saturday, the mess moves in. we're at 36, 38 sunday morning. still the potential of some wintery weather but all in all
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the forecast pretty killly. 38 to 48 on average. other to lauren. good morning mike. we have icy conditions across the region. the state highway administration is actually asking everyone to hold off on driving until the sun comes up. that won't be until 7:25. several accidents to tell you about. the trouble in carol county with a crash at mount airy at ridge road. more problems in baltimore county. we have a crash on 95 right along the northbound lanes near dundalk avenue. another accident on 695, this is also in dundalk right on the outer loop near eastern avenue. and as we check and at the beltway at parkville. no problems to report from harford road all the way to towson. hunt valley looks like 83 at shawan road. no delays but again the roads really are going to be slick out there. very wet from this morning's early rain and of course yesterday's snow. so take it slow if you do have to head out. megan and charlie, over to you. all right, well many people certainly do different things to find somebody.
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some people try online dating. others do singles events find somebody special. but an 82-year-old going for a different approach. >> what he has done is sandy. he wants a wife and he's been marketing himself with a sign around his neck. it reads wanted -- a wife goes on to read no, not someone else's wife you idiot. one for myself. sandy has been married and divorced three times but he cheesinesses turning 40, and -- says since turning 40 and getting a little older he's changed his ways and he wants somebody with whom he can spend the rest of his life. but there are some nonane negotiables. >> my life was built around books. my oldage it's a perfect place for an old man. >> so sandy says he's going to make one exception. he'll consider a woman in her 40s and 50s if she's really interested in him and smoking hot. >> going on number four. mike? are you going to hang a sign? >> i think i'm getting ideas?
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